These are some posters I've designed and illustrated for various competitions and organisations.


Poster 01: 'Pop Up'
With the use of a colour palette that 'pops,' this cover design for *The Adelaide Magazine symbolises key factors that represent Adelaide's vibrant 'pop up' culture, including; food, colour, nature, sustainability, music and peace.

This design won 'The Judges Choice Award' at AgIdeas in May, and will soon be printed throughout Magnation stores Australia wide. This poster was also printed in the AgIdeas Lookupstairs book, as it was selected as a finalist in the Newstar competition. 

Poster 02: 'I Enjoy the Little Things.'
This poster was a finalist in the 'SA Weekend' magazine cover competition. 
The design features some of the small things that make Adelaide unique including; food trucks, pixel art face by Peter Drew, paddle boats, the pandas, Those 'special' Metro buses that are in abundance, the possum that lives in the park on East Terrace, the Garden of Unearthly Delights banner, The Popeye, the new coat hanger installation on Rundle St, and many more! My illustration also displays our relaxed lifestyle, displaying how we enjoy sitting in the parklands with friends, and cycling to work."

Poster 03: 'Don't Hate me Because I'm Popular.'
This poster was created for the 'Comic Sans for Cancer' exhibition. It's trendy to hate comic sans. Just as it's trendy to hate vegans, Justin Beiber and Nickelback. I think a lot of people claim to hate comic sans purely because it's popular to do so. I illustrated the type in my poster with tiny hipsters. It's considered 'hipster' to dislike something because it's 'mainstream,' and that's why I think most people despise comic sans.

Poster 04: 'Adelaide Zombie Walk 2014.'
This poster won the 'Adelaide Zombie Walk' competition to advertise the event for 2014. 

Poster 05: 'Love your body Campaign 2014.'
Poster design for 2014 "Love Your Body" campaign. This poster aims to convey the message that beauty is not limited by body size, body type, ethnicity, age or physical appearance.