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Comedy Central

I am a regular contributor to Comedy Centrals Triptank series, having worked on 1 short for the show in Season 1 and two shorts in the shows second season, which are yet to air.

'The Robertson Effect' (pictured) Season 1. 2014
Written by Nicholas Gurewitch, Evan Keogh, and Jordan Morris for the Perry Bible Fellowship.
Animators: Chris Edser, Bill Northcott, Jarrod Prince & Lisa Vertudaches

'Stork Problems' - Season 2. 2015
written by 'Completely Serious Comics'
Animators: Lisa Vertudaches (independent piece)

'Colourblind Crip' - Season 2. 2015
Animators: Chris Edser(direction + design), Aaron McDonald, Ben Ommudson & Lisa Vertudaches