My name is Lisa Vertudaches. I’m an animator based in Adelaide, SA – but with a much wider reach (thanks, internet). Using humour, feels and cheerful colours, I make engaging animations that appeal to people of all stripes and stand out in the wave of internet content we’re exposed to daily.
I'm very passionate about what I do, and strive to create work that will impress my clients and their customers. I animate looping GIFs for online articles and email newsletters, create attention-grabbing videos for social media, and whatever colourful bits and bobs you need to enhance your online presence.
I'm always open to new projects & potential collaborations, so please get in touch at:
Thanks to Mike Smith Pictures for this snap of me looking v-deep in thought
In 2018 I spoke at Melbourne Motion design conference, Nodefest! I had such a wonderful time, and met so many lovely people. You can watch my talk in the video aboce.
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