Below are some of my favourite illustrative projects briefly outlined.
I recently created a mock-campaign for a series of new craft beers I have called 'seafood sessions.' I wanted to choose a flavour profile of beer that surely would never be created? I created full labels, complete with tasting notes, sparkly stickers and mocked up the labels on beer cans in AR.  I had a lot of fun making these. 
Character designs for Scholastic's class room 'Dance Breaks.'
These four images are a selection of some of my favourite Adelaide Fringe poster entries over the last few years. Some entries have made it as finalists, but I just enjoy the opportunity to experiment and try new media + techniques.
'It's Gonna be Okay' was created for a campaign to raise money for animals & communities after the 2019 Australian Bushfires.
Above are some illustrations from a Children's book in development in collaboration with my partner, James who is writing it :) 
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