I created this music video for Josh Pyke's latest single 'I Thought We Were a River.'

We May Be Creatures - Lyric video
A Lyric video created for 'We May Be Creatures,' for their single 'If You Were Still Here.' We wanted to create a simple, beautiful video to compliment the powerful melancholy lyrics of this song. The text is hand animated on digitally painted backgrounds. There are a lot of subtle details that elevate this lyric video to something more engaging than a lot of what we see today.
Wanderers - Live backgrounds
These animations were created to be used as an animated backdrop for the Wanderers live shows. The style is based off their Album art cover. the animation loops seamlessly over the space of a minute so it can play throughout a whole set, is engaging but not dominating.
GRAACE - Lyric video
I collaborated with the kind folks at 'Made in Katana' on this lyric video for artist 'GRAACE.' They provided me with the illustrated assets and storyboards, and I made them come to life through animation.
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