I'm incredibly delighted to share this project with the world.

I collaborated with the awesome team at 3P learning, to create art and animations for their learning numbers game 'Numbeanies: Number Forest.' The game pairs an augmented reality app with number flashcards, using technology to elevate and extend learning, deepen engagement and increase student understanding. Visit mathletics.com/early-learnersfor more information.

My aim for this project was to create cute, happy creatures that would appeal to reception aged children. I used earthy tones for our Numbeanie characters, to help portray their nurturing personalities. The forest and games the numbeanies live in are all very bright and colourful, to look fun and appealing to younger children.

I used Spine 2.5D to animate our characters dancing and interacting with each other. This software was essential in making sure we could efficiently animate all 20 Numbeanies on the one bone structure.
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